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Are you thinking that silhouette will buy vinyl cutter but not getting any information? We will assist you through silhouette portrait reviews. This is often a complete dedication to creating cutting machines and their accessories therefore on ease the method of crafting. The Portrait is one amongst their best silhouette cutting machine largely attributable to its affordability and light-weight. Check out the Silhouette Vinyl Cutter Reviews, Why We Should Use the Silhouette Cutter Machine!

This is a replacement product that has managed to include new technology comparable to PixScan and Bluetooth into art and craft. a bit like a printer, the Portrait outputs styles created on package on your device by actualizing them on real material. This is often Brobdingnagian and guaranteed to rework your crafting life.

Is it very the Portrait a decent alternative for you? The below content seeks to assist you answer this and plenty of additional queries that you just might have concerning the silhouette portrait 2 review.

Silhouette Portrait Reviews | Buying Guide 2020 1Silhouette Portrait Reviews | Buying Guide 2020 2


The silhouette vinyl cutter could be a versatile cutter that has garnered quality ever since it hit the market in 2012. It works to serve a constant purpose because of the anaglyph however in an exceedingly lighter and smaller package.

This crafting tool is simple to use which is perhaps why it's notably fashionable beginners. Plus, it works on a large vary of materials together with those as exhausting because the rock crystal template.

You will, however, have to be compelled to transfer Silhouette Studio on your device before you'll begin planning. This is often the platform needed to extend the styles before cutting. The package is accessible each on computer and raincoat.

You do not essentially need any special ability set to attach your device to the Silhouette Portrait 2. The association is wireless and works through an easy Bluetooth association. Just in case your computer does not give Bluetooth associations you'll use a USB connection.

Its, however, is restricted to tiny crafting comes like creating cards and stickers. This is often attributable to its tiny size. The nice issue is that it makes comparatively correct cuts and so actualizes your styles as meant.

You can purchase the machine on an individual basis however i might advise you to think about the bundle deals. this is often solely as a result of you may find yourself gaining additional for plenty under you'd if you had purchased every item on an individual basis. The bundle conjointly ensures that you just haven't any bother finding the correct accessories for your machine.

If you're trying to get the Best Silhouette Portrait, you must 1st undergo our silhouette portrait 2 review. It’s associate degree honest and real review of the merchandise that aims to guide you towards creating the correct call.

Silhouette Portrait 2 Specifications

What's within the Box?

silhouette cutting machine reviews

The Silhouette portrait machine comes with accessories that are necessary for it to figure with efficiency. The complete package consists of a silhouette cutting machine reviews, cable, USB cable, cutting mat, adjustable blade, associate degree introductory guide, Silhouette Studio package and a transfer card for exclusive digital cutting styles. a number of these accessories are but not permanent as they're at risk of wear and tear. The auto-blade might break or become blunt once cutting robust materials and it'll need you to exchange it. The cutting mat conjointly desires replacement once a number of months of use.

What Materials will it Work With?

Small because the Silhouette Portrait 2 is, it's capable of cutting through over one hundred materials. This includes cloth, heat transfer material, cardstock, vinyl, chipboard, paper, and even rock crystal template material.

This skillfulness makes it a good to tool to experiment with on totally different materials. this is often all potential as a result of it's equipped with associate degree auto-blade that works with a moderate cutting force permitting it to dependably and accurately get across these materials.

You should, however, avoid inserting robust objects as they'll solely cut back the machines potency instead of cutting.

What Is Its Cutting Size?

The Silhouette Portrait includes a smaller cutting size compared to the Silhouette cameo. This is often most likely it’s solely limitation against the cameo. The Portrait is so solely ideal for easy and tiny crafts and styles.

When equipped with a cutting mat, it will create cuts on materials with dimensions around 20cm by 26cm. There is, however, no have to be compelled to worry as all materials that are available in the package are compatible with the Portrait.

Silhouette Studio Package

The Silhouette Studio package is a component of the wholesome package. It’s the platform used for sketching and drawing the styles before they'll be cut by the Portrait.

You simply have to be compelled to install it before you'll use it. The instruction guide offers a step by step procedure on a way to work with the Silhouette studio. The package is usually simple to figure with and it gets easier to use with time. You’ll even extend styles while not longing the guide 1st.

silhouette portrait reviews

silhouette portrait 2 review

Vinyl cutter Silhouette Portrait 2 a bit like all merchandise guarantees to supply a metric weight unit of options. However, these options very valuable investment in? I went ahead and listed the professionals and cons of the Portrait therefore you may simply create the selection for yourself. We will discuss the good and bad aspects of silhouette vinyl reviews.


  • The Portrait is comparatively tiny in size and light-weight in weight, therefore, increasing its movability. Its tiny size consequently implies that it doesn't occupy plenty of houses.
  • The Portrait will get across a protracted list of materials creating it a various and versatile cutter. It’s reading and cutting accuracy is outstanding because it makes dead sleek cuts and creates lovely styles.
  • The Portrait beats the anaglyph once it involves favorable rating. The Portrait prices plenty under the cameo for similar options.
  • Easy Set-up and Startup
  •  The Silhouette Studio installation procedure is incredibly simple to follow. The association between your device and therefore the cutting machine will be done wirelessly via Bluetooth or through a USB cable. Plus, initial start-up takes a median of regarding seven minutes that is spectacular compared to different brands out there.
  • The silhouette vinyl cutter is compatible with fashionable device operational systems. It will work on either a computer or a raincoat.
  • You can work on styles while not essentially having a network association. The Silhouette Studio has associate degree offline mode that enables you to figure even in areas experiencing poor net connections.
  • It has PixScan technology that permits the Portrait to chop around a written image. Currently you'll flip any image or a random sketch into a cut job.
  • It is conjointly terribly simple to find out a way to work on with Silhouette Studio. The additional you act with the package, the additional you learn. If you're having bother, the guide will assist you out. Some YouTube Channels supply very nice tutorials that you just ought to conjointly scrutinize.


  • The Portrait will solely cut tiny areas of sheeted material. This is often not like the anaglyph which may cut comparatively larger sheets.
  • The Portrait's alignment and standardization aren't continually good and this could cause inconsistent cuts.
  • The accuracy of the Portrait isn't up to business standards. This makes it additional of an amateur and experimental tool instead of for creating business merchandise.
  • The connected cutting mat conjointly brings issues throughout cutting. It sticks to some materials and this could even cause shredding. The most effective thanks to avoid this is often but by employing a lint pillow.

Silhouette Portrait 2 Versus Cameo

When scrutiny the Silhouette Portrait 2 to the anaglyph the foremost obvious distinction is that the size. The Portrait includes a significantly smaller most cutting breadth as compared to the anaglyph. Thus the Portrait will solely cut tiny decals and cards whereas Cameo's larger cutting breadth offers it additional flexibility for sure sorts of collection.

The inside of the Portrait is truly a dead ringer for the cameo a pair of. it's but totally different from the cameo 3 that could be a newer model thus an additional advanced model. It’s necessary to notice that though the silhouette vinyl cutter Portrait isn't as correct and precise because the cameo, it's still rated on top of average by most users.

It is particularly ideal for beginners and users WHO would rather work on tiny and easy styles thanks to its specialization in an exceedingly smaller material. The Portrait uses a constant style package because the anaglyph that is that the silhouette vinyl cutter Studio package. But practicality within the Portrait it differs from the anaglyph as bound options aren't accessible for the Portrait.

Additionally, the anaglyph browses to control even in things wherever a pc isn't accessible because it will read knowledge directly from a USB drive, not like the Portrait that works strictly together with a pc.

What individualsare expressions?

The first question asked by several is whether or not the Silhouette Portrait 2 is accessible at a pocket-friendly value. We can see that it is a relatively best cheap silhouette portrait of various vinyl cutters in the current market. The communities that deal in tiny crafts have actually given it thumbs up as have patrons on Amazon. The feature that has received the most praise from numerous reviews is its ‘startup and cut' feature.

Beginners and newbies normally, within the cutting world, have commented on however the Portrait will be found out from scratch and run among ten minutes. On the negative facet, quite a range of users has shown respectable concern over the liableness of the machine particularly for the standardization features that usually raise concern.

silhouette portrait 2 reviews: The Decision

The Silhouette Portrait could be a machine that's tiny in size and really compact that means it'll have any problems in fitting on a table. It offers skilled cutting technology at an inexpensive price as compared to different machines designed to figure on thicker materials. Therefore, for those fascinated by operating in tiny material comparable to stickers can notice the Portrait because the good machine.

silhouette vinyl cutter reviews

For those new within the world of vinyl cutting machines, the Portrait could be a nice beginning to master the craft primarily thanks to its ability to control most decals and tiny crafts. It’s been noticed that the Portrait could be a terribly transportable machine thanks to its light-weight. The Silhouette Portrait could be a heap cheaper as compared to the cameo a pair of that has quite similar characteristics in terms of cutting technology. Admittedly, the newer cameo three is additionally superior to each the cameo a pair of and therefore the Portrait. The best distinction between these cutters is principally in size and to a lesser extent inexactitude. However, if one is intending on beginning a collection business, it's notable that neither the Portrait nor the cameo is unlikely to serve these goals effectively.

Generally, if you're in purposing to figure on comes with tiny cutting size, the Portrait could be a low-cost however wonderful vinyl cutter guaranteed to please the user and at constant time gifting them nice exposure and introduction to Silhouette Studio package and its numerous capabilities. It’s been found that the Portrait has similar cutting force because the cameo thus it will simply get across the subsequent materials; paper, paper or cardstock that's fairly skinny in breadth, iron-on transfer, vinyl, rock crystal material, light-weight cloth, craft foam and box plank. a number of the materials that are rather serious, comparable to wood, can't be cut by the Portrait albeit it's a double cut feature.

Even though the Silhouette Portrait 2 will solely get across comparatively skinny material, they need high-quality cuts that may even cut advanced styles while not abundant downside. However, a problem that has been remarked plenty by users is that the cutting mat will get too sticky, resulting in issues in making an attempt to peel off the fabric being cut while not it cacophonous apart.

 Also, if a personal receives any kind of bother once mistreatment the blade, it's potential to contact the Silhouette's client Support WHO ar able to give a replacement blade at no further prices. One might expertise development issues within the Portrait once dealing tangled details that have legion minor details because the machine might even cut off-line. Luckily, this issue has already been resolved and if one notices this all you would like to try to to is weigh down the cutting speed mistreatment the package for higher accuracy and additional liableness.

Where to Shop For The Silhouette Portrait

One will notice deals with sensible bargains for the Silhouette Portrait on Amazon and conjointly on the Silhouette America web site. Amazon is that the additional reliable place as they hardly run out of stock and conjointly supplies cracking bargains that may sure prevent a decent deal of cash. Amazon's additional information contains Silhouette Vinyl Reviews.

Silhouette America Portrait 2 Bundle Deals

Some of the most effective deals for the Portrait ar listed below. (Note these offers are solely accessible within the North American nation and Canada)

Silhouette America Portrait 2 Starter Bundle

This bundle contains; 

  • A Silhouette Portrait Machine
  • Project Starter Guide created by the Silhouette college
  • Sheets of Permanent Oracal 651 vinyl
  • Roll of premium paper
  • Sketch pens
  • Cutting blade
  • Fairly slim cutting mat
  • Silhouette Studio package
  • Hook tool
  • Scraper tool
  • Silhouette Portrait Starter Bundle with Vinyl Kit
  • This bundle contains;
  • Cutting blade
  • Narrow cutting mat
  • Vinyl Starter Kit: contains sheets of premium vinyl and premium paper
  • Free subscription to Silhouette style Store
  • 5 project Starter Guide with vinyl, heat transfer, print, and cut, paper and sketch
  • The Silhouette Studio package
  • Silhouette Portrait with grey mud cowl and Free transfer Card
  • This bundle contains;
  • Download card with fifty exclusive styles
  • Additional grey mud cowl


In the Silhouette Vinyl Review, I tried to explain that silhouette Portrait 2 could be a tool that may notably suit art enthusiasts attempting to venture into crafting styles. The machine could be a nice decide particularly as a result of it offers a skillfulness, potency and distinctive options all at an inexpensive value. It will get across a large variety of materials, uses a wireless reference to your device and is light-weight. This makes it a perfect alternative. Shopping for the Portrait could be an alternative you may not regret.

72 / 100

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