Best String for Waist Beads

“Close your eyes, mom. And don’t dare to peek until I give permission.”“Alright, I hope it’s not of one of your crazy stunts again that scare the goodness out of me!”You are permitted to look at your baby girl, only to be awed by the beautiful sight in front of you – adorable waist beads!Now, … Read more

Best Gauge Wire for Wrapping Stones

DIY products have been all the rage in recent years. Among them, jewelry and accessories made of stones have been rapidly growing popular among crafting enthusiasts and children alike.Variety is a huge factor among stone accessories. There are multiple ways to customize and decorate them yourself in your home, and you’ll need a couple of … Read more

Best Rigid Heddle Looms for Beginners

From tiny tea towels to oversized blankets, there’s hardly a thing you can’t weave on a rigid heddle loom. With the help of one pick-up stick or two, you instantly have an endless possibility of weave patterns.You can now make brilliant tapestries, elaborate wall hangings, and designer shawls in the shortest amount of time. No … Read more