Best Macrame Kits for Beginners

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Once you decide that you need to get your hands on some good rope to get started with Macrame crafts, the only thing left for you is getting a kit. For beginners we have noticed how often they get roped into buying different cords, beads and all the different things. But all you need is a good kit to save yourself all the hassle. Once you start and get a hang of the work, you can challenge yourself with the other intricacies. So, here’s the best macrame kits for beginners that cover all the things you need to begin your crafting.Why Do You Need Macramé Kits?When you delve into the art of macrame, you might not know what and which items you need to cover all areas. That’s where kits come in handy.Has Adequate Amount of Everything for Completing a ProjectWhether you’re simply practicing knotting or making your first hanger, the kits have enough of everything to help you create a complete Macrame piece.Comes with Pictures and InstructionsWith kits, they not only have all the necessary items but also the directions and pictures to help you see exactly what they are meant for. Helping yourself to the guide, you can fully comprehend how much rope is needed for the job in hand.You Don’t Have to Buy ExtraBuying the ropes or beads separately means you might have to buy more than necessary. But if you purchase the kit, you get the precise number of utility to get the job done. So, in future if you don’t want to continue with the materials, you will not waste any. Time and Cost SavingSince there’s no hassle of buying separate items, you can get done in quick time and save money too. You don’t have to buy more than necessary so you will save the extra bucks.7 Best Macrame Kits ReviewsThe kits we have included are perfect as macrame starter kit but equally preferred by experts for their all-encompassing and versatile uses.TUPARKA 109 Yadrs 3mm Natural Macrame CordTuparka is your online go-to crafts store, where you can find variety of DIY materials. But the reason they are here today is their very generous kit. Yes, ‘generous’ is the term we use to describe them, because you get basically everything for a measly price.The highlight of this macrame wall hanging kit is surely the rope. You can ask anyone, and they’ll all tell you if you’re getting into the craft of macrame, start with cotton. And this is 100% cotton. The kind that just immediately shapes in your hand and makes working very comfortable. Being pure cotton, the roll is long enough for you to complete 3-4 hanger projects. What makes this even more worthwhile is that the cotton is very soft to touch and has no odor. Rope isn’t all this kit is about. It has plenty of handy accessories to create amazing DIY crafts. This includes sticks rings and beads too. And in beads you get 50 pieces of it. As we said before everything in this is available in abundance. However, the only thing that would’ve made this even better is if the beads came in different sizes.Whether you are a hobbyist or just starting out, this kit is ideal for creating different styled lace ropes, hangers, tapestries, mandalas and more. Highlighted FeaturesFull cotton macrame ropeIncludes accessories like beads, rings and sticksIdeal for hangers, tapestries, etc.Rope is 109-yards long and 3mm thicknessMacrame Kits for Adults BeginnersAs the name suggests, this package is made specifically to cater to all the beginners who are having a hard time deciding what materials and how much to buy. This is for making a macrame plant hanger kit and it has all the essentials and even more for making beautiful decorative pieces.The main reason why this is beginner friendly is because it comes with a complete instruction manual and even video tutorials. Even if you’re a complete novice you can enjoy the relaxing activity of knotting beautiful macrame designs and creating a décor in the process. You have picture guides and easy-to-follow instructions to help you through the process.On top of that, the kit includes long threads which leave you enough to design without feeling the tension of your cord running out. And you also get 12 beads to add more details to your hanger. However, while the detailed guide is for the plant hanger, you don’t have to restrict yourself to it. You can create many different hangers, tapestries and more.Also, the cord is 100% cotton and meant for beginners to weave. Hence, it’s lightweight and doesn’t tangle up unnecessarily. This includes cotton and wood- both are safe and toxic free materials. This is perfect for spending a quiet quality time with your kids and helping them learn and enjoy in the process.Highlighted FeaturesIncludes detailed Instructions for beginners to followNon-toxic and safe materialsGood for making plant hangers of different designsLightweight and soft cordMacramé Kit – Dual Plant & Wall Hanging KitAs we have said this isn’t only a list of beginner kits but also the list of best macrame kits that you can find, hence this package is the ultimate one that combines all of those. This isn’t just for practicing but once you get it done you will have amazing results and feel accomplished and satisfied. One of the things we loved about this is the step-by-step guide. Now, whether you’re a beginner who has never tied a knot before or someone more experienced trying their hand at macrame, all will find this helpful. The guide doesn’t only specify all the steps but also has a few knotting instructions too. Hence, this is highly rated among beginners.Further, it has versatility. Meaning you don’t have to buy this for creating the instruction given designs only. You can create any macrame design you like using the expandable items included in the set. You get two dowels which you can use for making wall hangers. On top of that, another reason to like the cords in this is you can get them in different colors. If traditional macrame doesn’t go with your taste but you still want to delve into this art, then the color variety of this brand will surely have something that matches your preference. Finally, whether you’re buying this for yourself or for a friend, this kit is an ideal set for anyone who’s starting out. Highlighted FeaturesStep-by-step instruction availableHas dowels for wall hangersCord available in different colorsIncludes four designs for beginnersSolid Oak Small Format Macrame KitMacrame isn’t only for the big projects like hangers and clothing items. They are equally used for making smaller accessories. So, if you are not committed enough for a big project, start small with this unit and create creative wall hanging kits. You can get this done within hours and place it on the wall just as quickly. There’s no better way of adorning your room with a classy and traditional look than this. And the design becomes more valuable when it’s handmade. Hence, this is a smart way of creating a décor in short time while learning something new. Macrame skills which include creating knots are a fun way of adding new skills to your crafts repertoire. For which, the instructions on this is more than adequate. You don’t have to search the internet for hours to get it done. The guides are all included in this kit. And these are not written instructions only, there are illustrations to help you too. This kit includes a cotton cord and a wood dowel for hanging. It’s specifically for creating the hanger on the design, so, you can’t get too creative with it. But that does lower down the price a lot, making this is one of the least expensive kits on our list.Highlighted FeaturesSuitable for making a small wall hangerWritten and illustrated instructions includedContains cord and a wood rodHas an affordable price tagQuacoww 109 Yards Natural Macrame CordBeing a near perfect macrame DIY kit as it has all the makings of one, Quacoww has really impressed all with this bundle. Not sure whether you want to create a wall hanger, table runner or a mandala? You don’t have to worry because you can create anything with this kit. With its cotton composed cord long enough for multiple big projects, you won’t have to look here and there for other materials. All that you need is included. You can make anything from a large hanger to crafty bohemian bags. The cord is composed of 4 strands. It is by no means dainty but not fluffy big either. In our opinion, it sits on the sweet spot where you can pretty much accomplish anything. Further, the material is super soft to touch and you can use this to make decorations on your sofa or bed as well. The product has the natural shade. So, it’s fresh and not bleached.This is a bang-for-your-buck deal because of all the materials that come along with the cord. Rods, rings, and beads are items that when bought separately, increases the work load, but you can get all of this in good numbers in this kit. If you are looking for a unit that doesn’t limit you to making hangers and tying ropes, then this is perhaps the most beginner friendly kit you can find. Hence, for more exploring and crafting, this set is ideal.Highlighted FeaturesIncludes sticks, rings and beadsHigh quality cotton; soft and not bleachedMeant for versatile craftingCord composed of 4 strands for more durability109 Yards 3mm Natural Macrame CordWhether you’re planning on testing out your crafting skills or going forth to become a full-fledged macrame DIYer, the best way to start this journey is with a DIY macrame wall hanging kit. For that, this is the ideal kit as it has plenty of materials to work with. The highlight of this set is that it comes with 100 pieces of wooden beads and 32 rings. And if that’s not enough, it has the 4 sticks too. The rings are available in a wide variety of sizes and types. You can find colored and also different sized ones. Further, the beads have a vintage pattern, giving them an interesting and unique touch.Now, although we mentioned wall hanger, with this you can just about craft any macrame item. Stuff like table runner, mats, trims adjoining other items, etc. is what this set is equipped for. But don’t settle for decors only, you can also make bohemian lace rope crafts, purses, phone carrying bags, etc. The creative potential of this kit is unlimited. This product uses nature cotton which is one of the most comfortable materials. You will not only enjoy working with it but the process will also be a rewarding and relaxing experience. Highlighted FeaturesRings come in different colors and sizesVintage looking wooden beadsComfortable and soft cordKit equipped for multipurpose crafts and macrame119pcs Macrame Rope Kit for StarterEnthusiasts looking to learn a new skill that isn’t complicated as sewing or crocheting often look at macrame because it is as satisfying as well as rewarding. Hence, we have chosen this set as it’s one of the finest macrame kits for adults who want to create beautiful designs and decors.This is one of our favorite products owing to the sheer number of items this includes. You don’t have to know much about macrame beforehand if you have this kit, it covers all grounds. The unit has the standard 3mm cotton cord. This size is ideal for beginners as it is lean enough for intricate knots but good for big projects too.It has 3 kinds of beads which shows the variety of projects that can be done. This includes wood beads of two different sizes and painted woods in large numbers. And if you’re going for hangers, it even has hooks to cover up all the work. Since this kit is meant for wide application and different projects, the quality of the rope is high-end as well. It’s soft and doesn’t have any smell. Also, because of natural color, there is no chance of toxicity in the material either. Finally, it’s long enough for you to cut from anywhere and still have plenty left.Highlighted FeaturesHas different kinds of beadsLong, soft, and safe cordIdeal for a wide range of projectsPackage includes beads, rings, hooks, stick and rollThings to Consider Before Buying Macramé KitsBefore we delve into this, the important thing for you is to decide what kind of projects you wish to do with the kit. The product can be of different types.Some for bigger projects like hanger or runner. Others for smaller jewelry and embellishment. So, depending on your use, the following features are what you should be aware of. Type of CordThere are many different kinds of cords that you can use to make different things. But for beginners we recommend cotton as it’s easy to work with. You can also find many starting with jute or nylon cord. But those are more coarse and harder to manipulate.With cotton, learning to knot is easy and a relaxing process. Also, it’s soft and comfortable, so you can manipulate the knots to make intricate designs. Thickness of CordOnce you have chosen a cord, your next big hurdle will be to choose the right thickness for the job. Thinner ones are better for more detailed and intricate designs. Whereas thicker ones are good for bigger projects like wall hangers or other wall decors. Macrame cords are usually around 1mm to 10mm in thickness. Wall hangers and plant hangers’ cords start from 3mm and can go on to be much thicker, depending on what kind of design you’re looking to make.Cord LengthsCords in kits can either be pre-cut into small strands or be one big roll. Pre-cuts are good if you know what you’re buying it for. But if you want to have more room for experimentation then buy rolled cords and cut your own lengths.Rolled cords are also in most cases longer and you will have more to spare for your next project.InstructionsIf you’re a beginner, then choosing a kit with step-by-step guideline would be a wise choice. Buying a set and not knowing what to do with it will only confuse you further. Whereas, having very specific instructions can be good for beginners. Some kits have illustrations to give you a better idea of how they are to be used. That’s quite helpful as well.AccessoriesThe common accessories with cords are beads, rings and rods. But just having them in the package isn’t enough. You’d be better off with something that has more variety. It will add more texture to your pieces. Hence, kits have beads of different sizes and colors. And rings too come in variety of colors and sizes. If you want variation, then you can find it in many deals.Frequently Asked QuestionsCan I make table runners or mats with a wall hanger kit?Yes, in most cases, if you have enough rope you can create the design of your choice. Wall hanger kits are equipped for versatile use and with the proper instructions you can use it for making runners.What sized cord should I use for making a hanger?Hangers can be made from cords starting from 3mm in diameter. Use bigger threads when you’re going for bigger projects and less details.What materials are included in a kit?A kit has different materials, like the cord roll, beads, sticks or dowels, rings and in some cases hooks as well. it varies from product to product, but these are general materials.Is it better to buy separately or in packages?It depends on your usage. If your projects require more of a specific item, then buying a kit won’t cover it. However, beginners’ kits help more because they have done the math for you and presented the equipment in adequate amount.Are colored cords safe?Colored cords that are naturally dyed are safe and eco-friendly. They’re good for bringing more variety to your projects.Final WordsMacrame is more than a hobby or pastime. It’s a skill that you learn and add to your crafting repertoire. And the art of knotting cords and creating a shape are something artists are exploring more and more. Hence, these kits are a great way of learning the basics and enjoying yourself in the process. As all the items are provided within, you don’t have to fret over missing materials.That’s why, to help you familiarize with this beautiful craft, we have presented the best macrame kits. The sets included will not only help you learn something new but also create a piece that you can place in your room.

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