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Whether you are an old knitter who has been knitting for a long time or an enthusiast who has newly started this hobby, a row counter is a very important tool for you.
And with so many different options out there in the market, and little information about the product, it can get quite difficult to commit. We understand how challenging it is to pick an appropriate row counter.
In this article, we have decided to share all our knowledge on the subject to help you find yourself the best knitting row counter. We have included the top products from our research along with all other relevant information.

Why Do You Need a Knitting Row Counter?
First of all, let’s take a look at the definition of a row counter. Basically, it is an electronic recording device that records the number of rows completed, the stitching sequence intervals, or the change in total stitches on adjacent rows over time.
If you weren’t aware already, you can probably guess the answer by now. You need a row counter to keep track of the stitch patterns while knitting. Your whole work can end up in a mess if you lose track of your count while knitting, you won’t be able to go back to a counter-free period.
So, these row counters are an amazing invention. They are very convenient devices that all knitters realize they need after a while. If you start using these, you will understand how handy they can be.
The basic mechanism of a row counter is quite straightforward. With completion of knitting each row, you press the button or turn the wheel on your device; it depends on the type of counter you have. The utility encourages you to track the position in your sequence and this is yet another way to avoid errors.

7 Best Knitting Row Counter Reviews
From our extensive research on the subject, we have stumbled upon some of the best knitting row counters on the market. Let us take a look at the top 7 now.

KTRIO Metal Hand Tally Counter
First, we have a hand tally counter from KTRIO, and it is a small and compact device. The unit will make your knitting experience much smoother than all other alternatives.
This counter, made of structurally sound and sturdy components with a complete metal frame, allows you to keep counting when knitting. Although it is made of metal, it is very light and wraps securely around your finger.
As it can only display up to 4 digits at a time, you can count up to a total of 9999 with this tally counter. And even if that may seem low, it is actually pretty great. You don’t usually need more than that while knitting.
However, this tally counter cannot subtract numbers, so you cannot count back. In case you make an error in counting, you will have to redeem it yourself.
One amazing feature about this device is its battery requirement, or lack of it thereof. You simply do not need any battery or external power to operate this tally counter. So, not only is this product strong and reliable, but it is also eco-friendly.
Although recommended as a counter for knitting, you can use it for several other purposes, be it for work or sports events.
If you are looking for a comfortable and sustainable counter for knitting, this one is a must try.
Highlighted Features
Counts up to 9999, but cannot subtract
Can reset with just a couple of clockwise rotations
Requires no battery
Small and light, but very comfortable while wrapped around the finger

Clover Knitting Stitch Counter
It is now time for our first knitting counter from Clover today. Let us take a look at the amazing functionalities of this bright and cheery device in depth.
This Clover counter is very charming with its vibrant color and looks. It is very small and light and performs seamlessly. Also, the unit is very comfortable and convenient at the same time.
And the best part is, you can use it any way you like. If you want, you can wear it around your neck or attach it to your clothes. This will make your knitting experience a lot easier as you won’t have to constantly worry about forgetting to knit without it.
You can find these Clover counters in different packages. It is up to you whether to get just one, or a pack of two or even three.
Most importantly, you will not have to worry about getting batteries to chargers, as they require neither.
Designed with the avid intention of knitting, it provides the absolute joy. You can use this amazing creation from home, work or basically anywhere, and keep accurate track of your stitches.
Clover products are typically great, and you can see that quality in this counter.
Highlighted Features
Made with the very intention of knitting
Bright and charming design of stitch counter
Small, light and very portable
Can be worn around the neck like a pendant or attached to clothes for convenience

Clover 336 Knitting Counter Kacha-Kacha
Now, we have another Clover counter, which is also a great contender for the best product in our list. Here are some of its best features.
These devices, just like the previous ones were meant for knitting purposes. With dimensions of 4.75 x 2.5 x 0.63 inches and weight of 0.8 ounces, these counters are very small and light.
Besides, they have limited but accurate mechanism. As the device only displays two digits at a time, you can count up to 99 only. And it can seem like a restriction, but if you’re using this for knitting only, that shouldn’t really be a problem.
It has a very simple mechanism. All you have to do is press the tip after completing each stitch or row. And if you want to add one to a bigger number, you will have to reset from the start. But like most devices, it only counts up; it doesn’t support backward counting.
Unfortunately, it does not include a loop or hole to connect to a cord like the previous Clover counter. But it is much more convenient to use than the round ones, as they do not roll over and fit perfectly in one fist, allowing single handed use.
Highlighted Features
Perfect for keeping track of stitches or rows
Simple mechanisms for counting, without any backward counting options
Only counts up to 99
Comes in the ideal size, can be used with just one hand

Horsky Clicker Tally Counter
Here, we have a Horsky Counter, and it shares a lot of the same characteristics as the first option on our list today. Now, let's take a look at some of them.
Although this is used for keeping track of counts with many different forms of knitting and crocheting, the device can also be used for many other purposes.
When you are not using it while knitting, you can use the unit while working out or playing sports. You can even use this to teach your kids learn how to count.
As mentioned before, this product is a lot like the KTRIO Metal Hand Tally Counter. It displays 4 digits on the screen, so you can use it to count up to 9999, which is more than enough for knitting. Besides, the model has a simple mechanism. You just need to press the button to keep on adding.
Like all the best counters for kitting, you will not need any battery to operate. It is a mechanical tally counter, and it works very accurately.
Basically, if you want a product mainly for knitting purposes but would also like to use it for other things, too, this is the one for you. Not only is it strong and durable, the amazing offering from Horsky also counts up to 4 figures, which can help you enumerate just about anything with it.
Highlighted Features
Highly durable design and reliable mechanism
Counts up to a total of 9999, which is excellent for a kitting counter
Can be used for other counting purposes as well
Doesn’t require any battery

Ewinever 3-Pack Handheld Tally Counter
Our one and only listing from Ewinever is one of the best knitting row counters you can find right now. The product has all these impressive features that make it one of the top contenders for today’s market.
Constructed with ABS plastic, these tally counters are not only light and portable, but also very strong and sturdy. They may not be as durable as the metal counters on the list, but they are still pretty strong. And they come in a range of different bright colors that give them a charming look.
The best thing about this Ewinever set is that it comes in a pack of three. So, if you want to use them for other purposes, or save them for later, you can do so.
However, it is true that they are great quality products and will last you a long time.
You can give the other two to your friends or family who enjoy knitting or crocheting, or you can use it for other things too. For instance, you can utilize them while working out or give them to your kids to learn counting or other academic purposes.
These handheld counters are super user friendly and does not harm the environment.
Since they come in a very cheap price, especially for a pack of three, they are affordable to all. So, there’s no reason not to get one of these.
Highlighted Features
Doesn’t need batteries and friendly for the environment
Includes three similar counters in the package
Have multiple purposes outside knitting
Counts up to 9999 very accurately

Susan Bates Universal Knit Count
And now we have another amazing knitting counter for you, and it is just mind-blowing. You can use this device with different kinds of needles and that too, very conveniently.
Essentially, these universal counters are actually intended for circular and double ended knitting works. And they are compatible for using with different kinds of needles as they can be hanged from a ring.
The mechanism of these is very simple. You just have to turn the two wheels on the surface of the counter to the right number, and preferably one row at a time if you want to avoid errors.
One amazing thing about this is that the dial number stays in the correct position. In fact, the wheels may seem a little stiff at start. So, you have to put a little extra pressure to get the wheels rolling. Eventually, they get smoother. But not to the point where they get loose.
Although this may sound like a given, it is actually quite common for the dial numbers to change in counters. With substandard products, the dial number moves when there is friction against the surface of the device.
But these, although not the most elegant units, have strong and stable mechanism. So, there is no room for error.
If you are someone who prefers accuracy over design and does not need to count over two digits, this is a very good option.
Highlighted Features
Appropriate for circular or double point knitting works
Very small and light, and easy to hold
Not so elegant design or form
Compatible with different kinds of needles, starting from US 0 to 15

Knitter's Pride Row Counter
Last but not the least, we have a product from Knitter’s Pride for you. It is a ring shaped counter, and it will help your knitting time a lot more pleasant.
Designed in the shape of a ring, these stainless steel counters have a very elegant outlook. Besides, they are firm yet comfortable.
You can use these units to keep track of your count. And if you don’t like counting while it is on your ring, you can remove it after completion of each row, and then count. These are surely the best row counters.
Knitter’s Pride is providing these counters in a variety of different sizes, starting from 7 all over to 12, they allow all kinds of people to enjoy these counters. As they come in the form of a ring, you can choose the right one depending on your ring size.
Now, if you are someone who loves knitting and want to get the best knitting row counter, this is a very good choice for you. There’s little to no fault with this one, so don’t hesitate!
Highlighted Features
Light but elegant design, so quite comfortable for frequent usage
Very strong and sturdy as they are made with safe stainless steel
Designed like a ring, same size as actual ring size
Simple mechanism, easy to use and maintain
Best counter for row counting

Things to Consider Before Buying Knitting Row Counter
Well, before actually buying a row counter, you have to take some very important factors into consideration. Here are the key ones you cannot miss.

Count Size
This is a very important factor. As mentioned in the list above, there are row counters with two different count sizes.
While some come with a 2 digit display, some come with a 4 digit one. The next part is pretty obvious. With the 2 digit ones, you can count up to 99 and with the other, you can count up to 9999.
If you are a light knitter, you can get the smaller one. Most knitting work don’t require as high as 9999 counts, but it is safer to go with this option just in case.
But it completely depends on your requirements, so take that into account before making finalizing your decision.

There are several different row counters with a lot of different shapes and forms. You will find round counters, rectangle counters, and even ring shaped ones.
Again, this depends on your preference. While some favor the round ones as they are small and fit right in your hands, some don’t like them because they are inclined to roll over.
Also, there are people who prefer ring shaped ones like the Knitter's Pride Row Counter as they fit right in place in your finger, yet there are people who don’t like them.
So, be sure to check the different shapes and styles first.

Method of Use
Now, this is basically what you need the device for. If you want a row counter for round stitching, there is one for you. And if you want one for double stitching, there is also one for you.
There are different types of devices for different tasks, some with multiple purposes. So, this is an interesting issue to be considered as well.

Lastly, we have quality. It goes without saying that quality is an essential factor in almost all kinds of things.
And it is the same for row counter. These devices come in different materials and unequal quality levels. Since the top-tier counters come at a pretty reasonable price, there is no need to go for a poor quality product.
As for type of material, the Ewinever 3-Pack Handheld Tally Counter is made of ABS plastic and the Knitter's Pride Row Counter is made of stainless steel.
These are two good quality products. Some metal counters are made from nickel, which is not the best material. And most importantly, there are people who are allergic to nickel and other metals. Besides, there are some who simply don’t like the feel of metal on their skin, so you can get plastic or non-metallic products for them.
Even though it might not sound important, it is, especially if you want to use the unit for an extended period of time.

How to Use a Knitting Row Counter?
It can get very difficult to keep track of count when concentrating on knitting a complicated item. Especially, when you go from knitting something simple like a scarf to knitting something complicated like a sweater, it is very difficult to remember the steps and keep track at the same time.
In situations like this, a knitting row counter can do wonders. With one of these, you can easily keep track of your count. You can concentrate on the tricky patterns and keep count with the device.
Using a knitting row counter is very simple. Every time you complete knitting a row, you press the button or change the number on the wheel, depending on the type of your counter. If you continue this with completion of each row, you will have a record of your pattern.
Once you are done with a project, you can easily reset it to 0.
Some come with a loop to attach around your neck and some can be attached directly to your clothes. Take your pick!

Frequently Asked Questions
Should I get a 99 count counter or a 9999 count one?
If you think you don’t need to keep track of over 100 rows at a time, you can get the one with the less count. Otherwise, it is safe to go with the 9999 limit counter.
How can I tell how many rows I’ve knitted?
In order to find a knit stitch, check for ‘V’ patterns. As a ‘V’ equals a stitch in a row, you can count the number of ‘V’s in your knitting to find the number of rows.
What is the best row counter for knitting?
There are quite a lot of great row counters out there. And there’s no unit that is the best for all. It completely depends on your requirements.
However, the overall best knitting row counter based on our research is the KTRIO Metal Hand Tally Counter.
Do I need to charge row counters?
It depends on the one you get. We have included the top-tier counters on our review section; ones that do not require charging or batteries.
Are row counters worth it?
Since it is true that you can count up to 99 easily, and even more with a little concentration, you can get away not getting a row counter. But that way, you won’t be able to give your complete attention to knitting.
However, if you get yourself a row counter, it will make your knitting experience a lot more pleasant. You will be able to enjoy your hobby without having to concentrate too hard on adding up rows.

Final Words
Here, we have tried to inform you about everything you need to know regarding the best knitting row counter. While there is no row counter that is suitable for everyone, there are different ones for everyone’s needs.
Whether you want a plastic counter, a stainless steel one, a low count device or a high count one, we have provided the ultimate guide to picking yourself the most appropriate unit for you.
We really hope you can follow our instructions and make the right decision. Good luck!

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